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    This is my second time meeting Hikaru-chan. - The other day, we had a drinking party with 2 men and 2 women. - Today, after drinking just the two of us, we took it home. - Last time, she disappeared with a male friend after a drinking party, so when I asked her what happened after that, she laughed and said, ``Nothing, lol.'' There was something suspicious about her. - She's cute and charming and smiles no matter what I say, but I can't concentrate on what she's talking about because I can see flashes of panty shots from her short skirt! - Are you inviting me? - When I tried to get her to take off her clothes, she kept smiling and didn't resist. - This is an OK sign! - ! - ! - Even though I think this girl is used to it, I can't stop feeling irritated! - ! - ! - When I asked her if she had a boyfriend, she said that she doesn't have a boyfriend at the moment. - It seems that people who are good at sex are good.If you ask me carefully, I found out that he is a carnivorous type who can hook up with two people in one day. - I guess everyone was fooled by her cute face and way of talking and was able to eat it all! That's why I was able to take it home so easily! - I'll be serious about this, prove that we're compatible, and make him my sex friend!