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    After the summer rain has passed, Shinjuku feels like a steamy sauna. - On such a day, we hand out a handy fan that can be used as a gift to keep you cool anytime. - I was excited to see the butts protruding from their shorts and the women with their bellybuttons exposed as they strolled around town, and as I was frantically talking to them in front of the station, a cute office lady passed by in front of me. - I'm sure I'll miss out on this catch! - So I chased after him and managed to give him a handy fan. - Her name is Mizuki, and she is 23 years old and works as an office worker at an auto parts manufacturer. She seems to be on her lunch break and has some free time. - Her charming smile, sharp body, and tight office lady clothes are irresistible, so we decided to change the location and interview her. - As I talk to Mizuki while suppressing the tingling in her crotch, I find out that she broke up with her crappy boyfriend three months ago and is looking for a fresh start and a new encounter. - What's more, you wouldn't guess it from her well-dressed appearance, but she seems to be sexually voracious and is the type to make sure there's sexual compatibility before getting into a relationship. - So, there's no point in talking endlessly to woo her, lol, so let's move on to adult communication, testing out skin-to-skin contact... - My impressions are that she was a very cute office lady with an erotic gap where she squirts and gets even more erotic the more you fuck her.