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    The person who came this time was Azusa, 27 years old, who is a hotel woman.- I haven't had a boyfriend for a while, so it's been quite a while.- She says that on her days off, she continues to reach for her crotch.- She is very sexually inquisitive and doesn't seem to be satisfied with average sex.- She is said to be such a pervert that he made her lick his eyeballs at a happening bar in the past.- She has dated 7 people, the number of people she has experience with is unknown, and her potential for sexual development is also unknown.- It has just the right amount of flesh to attract men, and you can't stop drooling.- Gentlemen who stay at hotels on business trips or outings.- You may think that there is no hotel woman who embodies such a man's dream.- I'm here. - If you think this is a lie, please read the main story.