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This project is a project to pick up girls who go to the city and shoot and record real amateur girls' sex. - This time, real pick-up starts around "Yoyogi Station"! - [Day 1] I found a simple and pretty girl near a fashion college. - Perhaps because she was in the morning, she was quickly turned down on her way to school. - .. - .. - She walks fast and sees her go to college. - .. - .. - Several hours have passed since I continued to stake out at the same place. - A girl who called out in the morning bought lunch and found a place that came out of the store. - She calls out. - "I'm going to have lunch with my friends ... I'm sorry to have kept you waiting," he said, not getting it for the second time. - Collect information about [Mai-chan, 19 years old, 2nd year fashion college]! - [Day 2] Arrange a pick-up teacher and definitely go to drop it. - On the second day, unfortunately, the heavy rain was going to work, and she found Mai-chan, who was sheltering from the rain! - Nampa hurriedly talks to him. - She said, "I have no business after this and I have free time." "I had a lot of things I wanted to talk to." - She succeeded in taking her out for lunch. - What she found out by talking while eating. - ① I like clothes too much and go on to a fashion university ② My dream for the future is a stylist ③ I don't have a boyfriend now. - I have been dating 2 people so far. ④ I like men with fair skin, black hair, and glasses. ⑤ I work part-time at a family restaurant. ⑥ I am studying [what kind of clothes the opposite sex likes] at school. - That is. - After the meal was over, I would like to hear more about [what kind of clothes the opposite sex likes], begging for cooperation, moving the place → succeeded in bringing it to the hotel. - Mai-chan's outfit for the day was a large shirt and shorts. - She said, "A man likes shorter shorts ♪" and she strongly makes her bite into shorts! - She shyly resists, saying, "I can see your ass!", But when he puts his body in close contact and strokes his crotch, an unpleasant sigh leaks. - He feels shy ... he just kisses and touches the whole body. - She has white, silky, smooth skin, her boobs are modest and her nipples are pink. - She seems to have been sex for the first time in half a year and her sensitivity is in a state of explosion. - When I take off her shorts, my pants get wet with a T-back! - Knead the fingering and the god-like ass meat and insert it ready! - !! - At first, I was panting with a weak voice, saying, "Ahhhhhhh ...", but the pant voice gradually became louder. - Mai-chan climaxes many times with her soft and best peach butt in the back. - She is so excited that she doesn't know how many times she got acme. - At the end it feels too good to shoot a lot on her face! - I messed up the face of a naive and pretty girl with sperm ♪