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Encounters from SNS and street pick-ups take time and often do not succeed. - If you want to do such an inefficiency, isn't it faster to ask a spear man bitch friend to "introduce an erotic child!"? - That person should be able to have sex (laughs). - After having sex, I was introduced to an erotic girl friend, and finally the plan is to meet the erotic god someday. - In the previous introduction from the erotic girl Anna-chan, the one who came this time is Akane-chan, a mass squirting girl who loves seeding! - Immediately go to the hotel and start the interview! - !! - Akane-chan is curious about what she did when she told her that she visited her house last time. - It seems that my friend's sexual life is worrisome. - Akane-chan answers Ikinari's erotic talk with a smile. - When I asked her about her current profession, she got a shocking reply saying, "I'm living with my dad now." - She keeps about 6 dads at all times and says that rich dads will give you ¥ 10,000 just by meeting once. - Money is important, but the most important thing in choosing a dad is SEX nicknamed, and I was surprised to say that vaginal cum shot is OK with a particularly good person! - Rather, he said that he was addicted to vaginal cum shot too much! - When asked what to do with contraception, immediately after vaginal cum shot, she messes with her and squirts and cleans it. - Prepare an electric massage machine to actually show the squirting and start masturbation! - Akane-chan doesn't feel like she was too urgent. - Then help us too! - If you break the pantyhose and push the electric massager against the pure white panties, the first tide injection today! - Of course, it shouldn't end with just this, and just by touching it, 4 squirting shots! - When I visited the high-speed fingering, the camera was soaked with a large amount of tide jets! - I couldn't stand it anymore, and I stabbed a huge Ji-ko that became stiff into Akane-chan's Ma-ko and started a high-speed piston! - I can not stand Akane-chan's maco who is too narrow and comfortable and a large amount of vaginal cum shot! - As she requested from her, she said, "Scratch it out!" - Contraception is OK with this! - And another round! - Fully open the curtain! - Squirting → Creampie → Squirting cleaning → Creampie → Squirting cleaning with full view from the outside! - !! - !! - I made vaginal cum shot 3 times in total, but it's probably okay (sweat)