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A project to investigate the cases that girls living in the 23 wards of Tokyo are addicted to, and to report on their ecology and even SEX. - The first memorable survey was [Toshima Ward], a close-up report on a beautiful gamer [Noka-chan, 20 years old, NEET] who is aiming to become a professional gamer who is currently a hot topic. - Ka-chan, who I met at an arcade on Ikebukuro Sunshine Street, is a beautiful gamer who goes to arcades every day and aims for the world in fighting games. - She was lucky enough to find a place where she was coming to the arcade with a large amount of 100-yen coins on this day, and she kindly agreed to her close contact. - She enters her favorite arcade and plays a fighting game with a serious look so that she can show her skill immediately. - It ’s a good skill! - Defeat the opponent in an online match and make a break. - When she listened to various stories, she said, "I don't have money because I'm not working, but I want the equipment used by professional gamers." "I want to become a professional and sign a sponsorship contract as soon as possible." - Then I will help you! - !! - And moved to the hotel. - She started SEX with the equipment that Noka-chan wanted. - I will have a 20-year-old fluffy body! - Take off your sweater immediately! - Is it a thin type? - ?? - The plump boobs of the estimated F cup are revealed! - And when you take off your pants, you will meet a plump nice ass! - !! - After rubbing your boobs and buttocks, when you look into your pants, you will see a lot of bread stains. - Young is good! - When you stir a large amount of love juice that is enough to pull a string in the mako, it makes a squeaky sound and cums suddenly! - Excitement MAX with a sensitive constitution with good sensitivity! - !! - Where did you learn - Have him wrap his cock with a good blowjob and insert it! - !! - Shrimp warp alive when you violently attack your mother who is wet at the missionary position! - !! - A fierce attack on the butt meat with just the right amount of meat! - !! - The milk is shaken at the woman on top posture, and the last is a large amount of finish at the missionary posture! - !! - I handed over the money for the equipment she had promised, and I'm in a good mood! - The shooting height here is too high! - !!