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    A project to investigate the cases that girls living in the 23 wards of Tokyo are addicted to, and to report on their ecology and even SEX. - This time, we surveyed [Shinjuku Ward], a close-up report of [Aori-chan, 21 years old, university student] aiming to become a professional dancer. - Infiltrate a spot called a sacred place where dancers gather in Shinjuku. - While many young people aiming to become professionals are dancing, they call out to the girl who was shining brightly. - When she explained the contents, "I'm sorry!", She gave a good impression, "I've just arrived, so it's okay if it's over!". - The staff waiting for the dance practice to finish ... One hour has passed ... Aori-chan is the girl who rushes to the scene saying "It's over". - She also aims to be a professional dancer, and she practices daily in the dancer's sanctuary. - She arrives in the interview room and listens. - "I practice there three or four times a week" "I like hats and have a habit of collecting various hats" "There are many children who go out with each other" "Dancers have a lot of pistons during SEX" etc. , It's exciting with a rough story. - Surprisingly good reaction when you proceed with the story by pushing the bottom story! - "Dancers have a lot of pistons" and "I love womenizers!" - !! - Aori-chan, who doesn't have a boyfriend now, is her sexual desire accumulated? - ?? - She feels like "Hmm ... haa" when she sticks to her because her neck is weak! - Bring it to sex as it is! - !! - A tight body trained by dance, a plump buttocks and the best balanced beauty body! - While kissing, take off your clothes and massage the butt meat that sticks out of the T-back. - Aori who started to feel little by little was ascended with a cunnilingus and squirting with a hand man! - !! - Fellatio in return from Aori who trembled and ascended in small steps! - When you insert it, it's really super-adsorbed. - !! - The first vaginal cum shot at the woman on top posture! - !! - "Let's do it again!", So next time we have a large amount of vaginal cum shot in the back! - At the end, even at missionary posture, vaginal cum shot is made and a total of 3 vaginal cum shots are made to finish. - Is Aori's accumulated sexual desire released? - !!