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This project is a project to call out to a female college student who goes to the city and have her challenge the first reverse Nan in her life on condition of a reward. - This time I found a female college student at Shinjuku station! - I immediately explained the purpose of the project so that it would not be mistaken for a pick-up, and when I told him that a reward would be given, I was surprised to understand it. - Erina-chan (20), who is frustrated without a boyfriend for a year, will cooperate. - Can Erina succeed in her first reverse Nan in her life and get a man! - ?? - Let's reverse Nan start! - !! - Erina-chan, who is nervous because it is her first reverse Nan, seems to be confused to find a target, and here she finds a help boat from the staff, a man who seems to be free! - Erina also decided to attack. - But she said, "Because her friends are coming soon," she broke the jade. - Erina-chan is depressed by shaking her legs. - She regained her mind and called out to her second person, but refused immediately, and if the staff did not have enough tenacity, she requested an attack again! - However, it failed. - It seems that he is suspicious of a sudden invitation from a female college student even though he calls out to a man in a suit because he is honest for the third time. Successful! - Go to an izakaya together! - While talking about love affairs, the two are in a good mood! - Hotel IN as it is! - Surprisingly, Erina-chan approaches a man and starts deep kissing! - And her hand starts stroking the man's crotch and blames it! - After squeezing Ji ○ while licking her nipple, it looks delicious and blowjob! - When a man loses, he licks and sucks while stroking Erina's sensual body! - Blow the tide many times on a terrific tech fingering! - They won't stop anymore! - Men and women who are as old as parents and children are earnestly SEX to seek pleasure! - While panting as "comfortable" many times, I roll up and finish with facial cumshots at the end! - !! - It was Erina who loves H who keeps licking Ji ○ Ko even after it is over!