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    ○ Theme: A documentary that thrusts Guigui's neck into the nature of an amateur woman whose looks, inside, etc. appear in the streets of the night ○ ① This time, Shibuya in the middle of the night is the stage! - I investigated that there is a pant voice enthusiast in the love hotel town. - (2) A pant voice mania is a maniac person who listens outside the love hotel and listens to the pant voice of others. - ③ I found a suspicious woman alone in a love hotel town! - !! - She is clearly listening. - She is quite popular with some people online. - She is very excited to go into a love hotel to cooperate with the interview. - She listens through the door. - She even brings her hearing aids to listen to the pant voice of others. - She says she can understand the situation to some extent with a pant voice. - It seems that you can analyze customs and couples. - At the end of the hotel ladder, I went to a love hotel specializing in SM. - ④ What about her own pant voice while enjoying the pant voice peculiar to SM? - To verify. - Sensitive constitution that makes you pee clearly on the bed just by lightly stimulating with an electric massage machine. - Flood when you squeeze in a restraint chair! - Sensitive Oma ● Ko is a series of tears on the bed! - ⑤ Her pant voice mania was also moe with her own pant voice. - Everyone should be careful about listening at love hotels ...