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It is a plan to go around each university in a mobile tent and get close to an imadoki female college student and shoot sex with the tay of "Midnight program to hear sexual troubles"! - The goal is to completely conquer 137 universities in Tokyo! - !! - !! - ■ Report Report ・ This time, I visited "R University", which is popular for its sophisticated school spirit. - Iku R college student in the ground with the rear charge of drama and manga. - Not to mention her cute appearance, she uses a clever love strategy to make boys inside and outside the university mellow! - !! - It seems that you can expect erotic episodes as well! - !! - ・ Start calling out around the school immediately! - I have secured a girl who can be interviewed when I talk to some people! - Hikari-chan (21 years old), a third-year student in the Faculty of Business Administration at R University. - She seems to enjoy her college life very much, especially the circle! - She is an active girl who has a dance and scuba diving circle! - Hikari-chan, who has a clear face, is half Japanese and half Cuban! - She seems to have lived there for 15 years, and her Spanish is fluent! - !! - .. - Her successive boyfriends are Americans, Germans, etc ... There are many foreigners and nationalities worldwide! - For that reason, there were many people who were also big! - ・ Hikari-chan is a Parisi girl who loves to make noise until morning! - She likes the atmosphere of the club for everything! - !! - That's why, of course, there was a failure to drink, and she was drunk and pole danced at a convenience store! - It seems that he just broke up with his boyfriend recently, so he is looking for a boyfriend! - So, when you do your own PR, your PR point is "where your butt and boobs are big"! - !! - The goodness of the glue that will show off to the camera generously when you show me your proud boobs! - As expected, Parisi girls! - !! - ・ It seems that sexual worries end up being related to the body, even though there are encounters. - If possible, I would like to have sex after dating, but I had sex after my previous boyfriend tried dating, and from the experience that this size was small and it was a failure, it seems that I often have sex first. - Hikari-chan has become accustomed to the huge Chi-ko of her worldwide boyfriends. - Chi ○ It seems that I am particular about this size, so when I asked "Why don't you look at the ideal Chi ○ Chin?", "I'm curious! - !! - ] And an intriguing appearance! - I will call the actor immediately. - ・ The actor arrived, so when I asked him to take a look at him, he said, "There is such a big person! - ] And a surprised expression! - "Can I stroke it?" - ] And is quite aggressive! - !! - Hikari-chan, who was completely fond of the big cock, wouldn't let go, so when I asked for a blowjob, she said, "My chin seems to come off!" - !! - ], But licking hard! - Hikari-chan feels a little naughty while doing so! - !! - My boobs are fluffy and it doesn't look like it's messy! - !! - If you play with your nipples, you will start panting with a naughty voice despite being on the street! - !! - When you insert a decachin into a cunnilingus that has become completely tortoise, you can do yoga while shaking the huge breasts! - !! - Fire on beautiful boobs and finish! - !! - Hikari-chan is satisfied with having sex with an unprecedented big-dick actor, saying "It was big ..."! - I went home with great satisfaction to the big Ji Po! - !!