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[Theme] This project is a project to go to an izakaya at the end of the last train, talk to the girl who is still drinking, listen to the girl's worries and human patterns, and finally aim to take it home. - ● Today's drinker ⇒ Moe-chan ① I came to Kanda, a town next to Tokyo. - There are many izakaya that you don't know about. - (2) The first shortcut, "I have a job", was shaken by the duo and went to the second. (2) I called out to the beautiful duo who were sitting next to me and started to drink until morning! - She works at an apparel shop. - At first glance, she has a beautiful appearance that looks like a college student. - ③ Apparel shop = popular image, but she has no boyfriend and she has only dated two people so far! - Is it true! - !! - I will rush. - ④ Go to the second case with a slapstick. - Naughty girls talk with ice cream and sweet sake! - !! - Besides, there is a strange story! - ?? - I'm doing something like a karaoke shop, a manga cafe, and a public toilet in that area! - !! - Disbanded by letting flowers bloom in Girls Talk. - How while moving to the third case! - A junior who exchanged contacts! - !! - ⑤ At that time, I gently invaded the hotel! - Amazing sight! - ⑥ Isn't she sucking her blindfolded naked junior with a small devilish smile? - ?? - Don't worry about the camera, just keep going! - !! - ⑥ Everywhere in the room, the cancer is stabbed in the back and panting! - !! - I keep breathing up without being able to breathe! - !! - Even if you can't stand without power, it feels good if you push it up! - !! - At the end, finish on the bed in a state of daze! - !! - ★ Drinking result ⇒ It turned out that the beautiful and cute woman in Kanda is also a small devil bitch and greedy for sex. - People don't look like it!