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[Theme] This project is a project to go to an izakaya at the end of the last train, talk to the girl who is still drinking, listen to the girl's worries and human patterns, and finally aim to take it home. - ● Today's drinker ⇒ Hina-chan ① Today, we will attack the area around Suidobashi Station. - It feels like an office district, so do you expect to be in a state of eating OL after work? - (2) I called out to the first high school classmate and part-time job duo. - The story is quite exciting and I can draw out the story of sex, but I failed to take it home because it was work the next day, sorry! - ③ Feel the regret of failure and move to the second house. - This time, I called out to Hina-chan and Lena-chan, a pair of junior high and high school classmates. - Be careful as this is likely to be your last chance in time. - First of all, a light jab with a boyfriend's story. - ④ The story got excited with a good feeling, and I decided to go to the next store. - While having sweets and cold things with sweet sake, I have had a crush on Hina's baseball player → Each player's Ji Po and sex style exposure tournament and hot topics are exciting! - ⑤ When I left the store, Lena left because she was working the next day. - Hina loves one of the male members and wants to talk with her alone. - Of course take it home! - ⑥ It was hard to understand because it was hidden behind the table and the outside was dark, but I was excited by Hina-chan, who had a surprisingly slender leg and a tight butt. - Hina-chan also took off her nipples! - I changed my posture to the woman on top posture with the white sky in the background, and continued to do it without sleeping! - The result of drinking ⇒ If you are working at night like Miss Kyaba, the next day you will be working from night, so you may have a high sex success rate until the morning with ladder liquor? - I would like to verify it in order to improve the girl get rate!