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Looking for a celebrity wife in Omotesando where everyone walking looks like a celebrity. - From the coat to the wallet, I decided to talk to my wife, who was dressed in something that seemed to be expensive. - It feels good to talk about having 3P experience. - Since he is developing health foods, he plans to shoot AV at home with the excuse of having him treat him at home. - However, today I happened to have my husband at home, so my home visit was refused. - disappointing. - Regain your mind and look for the next wife. - I called out to my wife who had a shopping bag for L * s. - My husband was a gym owner, a special celebrity wife who gave me a car and had a villa. - Especially if I'm not in a relationship with my husband or sexless, there seems to be no story that came to my mind, so I decided to bring it to a naughty atmosphere as soon as possible. - If you brag about your strength or show off something that has erected because you like muscles, you may be anxious about having an affair with your husband, but you shouldn't be afraid. - The decachin that came into Naka is too comfortable and makes a screaming pant voice. - It doesn't matter even in front of the entrance where people might hear your voice, and at the end, he even gave me a cleaning blow job.