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It is a plan to go around each university in a mobile tent and get close to an imadoki female college student and shoot sex with the tay of "Midnight program to hear sexual troubles"! - The goal is to completely conquer 137 universities in Tokyo! - !! - !! - ■ Report Report ① What disturbed me this time was "T University", a university where you can learn cutting-edge technology! - I listened around the university and explored the characteristics of T college girls! - I got the impression that there are many children who are straightforward about what they are interested in, and that it is better to be with boys than girls! - There were many intelligent children at T University, a science and engineering university that produces engineers who contribute to society! - However, when I asked a little in-depth question, there were many lewd girls who were enthusiastic about research not only in academics but also in eroticism! - ② Girl Haruka-chan, 20 years old (2nd year student in the Faculty of Engineering) who cooperated with the shooting this time! - !! - A daughter with a tremendous destructive cuteness that looks good on short cut hair! - When she was a high school student, she saw a caregiver working hard at a care facility where her grandmother entered, and wanted to help these people, so she decided to go to university and study nursing robots. - ③ Haruka-chan is studying at university for the sake of the world. - I haven't had a boyfriend for a year and a half. - The number of people she has been dating is six. - It is said that the friends of the university are all the people who are absorbed in 2D with only Yin and Yang. - Haruka-chan herself is also a Socci sect. - She isn't interested in men right now and it's a hassle to go out with her. - She says it's better to play games alone at home. - ④ "This program is about the love affairs of female college students and listening to sex stories. Www" Haruka-chan, who is cute but has a college life that goes against the purpose of the program ... "If you say that, sex friend Yes (Teru) " - It's a hassle to make a boyfriend, but when I asked about www saffle that a relationship only with the body is essential, "It's easy because it's a relationship that you just meet and etch when you want to etch, but it's premature ejaculation w I'm cowgirl I like it, but it doesn't always bring me from the missionary position to the woman on top posture w I want to feel more, but www "⑤ I don't seem to be satisfied with saffle, so I ran for it! - It looks surprised, but it doesn't look like it's messy! - Check the sensitivity of the nipple by shortening the distance tightly! - The A-cup chippai is so cute! - When I asked her, "Is it okay to have sex like this?", She said, "I wonder if it's okay because I'm talking about it." So I had sex with a bold sweat on the truck bed!