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It is a plan to go around each university in a mobile tent and get close to an imadoki female college student and shoot sex with the tay of "Midnight program to hear sexual troubles"! - The goal is to completely conquer 137 universities in Tokyo! - !! - !! - ■ Report Report ① The university we interviewed this time is "K University" that nurtures human resources who can play an active role in the world! - It seems that there are many serious students, but can you hear the stories that come to mind, and can you have sex ...? - (2) Yuki-chan (22 years old), a second-year student in the Faculty of Economics at K University, who cooperated with this interview. - When she asked her about her worries, she said, "... Hmm ... I can't make a girl friend ... why (laughs)"? - ?? - Is there such a college student? - ?? - "I feel like my classmate girls are avoiding it (laughs) I don't really have any friends in the school because I don't have a circle (laughs) There are quite a few in different schools (laughs). Yuki-chan, who confided her bright and deep worries, www ③ "I have a lot of male friends!" Is that a healthy friend? - ?? - I dig deeper to hear a delicious story! - "There are times when I get excited at a drinking party and take off my squirrel (laughs) I stay overnight (laughs) Sometimes ... (laughs) I'm a fairly light type, so maybe one night I can't do it at all, and my male friends only look at it honestly (laughs) There can be no friendship between men and women. - I heard that the number of experienced people has exceeded the double-digit turning point. - "There may be more because I'm drunk and I don't remember (laughs)" www ④ Yuki-chan is tired of the usual stimuli these days. - Isn't it exciting to be alone with the opposite sex in a truck tent? - "That's right ... I'm a little nervous (laughs)" ⑤ Her plump tits that I've always been interested in! - She beckons from her when she points the camera all over the place and asks, "Do you touch it?" - The elasticity is amazing when you try to rub it with your words! - I'm so excited that it's hard to handle! - Yuki-chan's facial expression doesn't seem to be sloppy, so I exposed her huge pie and got the whole thing in the flow!