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[Planning explanation] There seems to be a fierce man (couple) who is practicing a perverted play that is as good as AV in private ... How deep is they building a relationship ... A practical documentary that pursues the truth. Variety! - !! - We came to the park where it is rumored that couples will gather based on the information on the net. - Take a walk in search of a deep couple. - Around midnight when I was about to go around. - Discover a couple hugging each other in the dark and kissing richly! - I did an interview right away! - Their names are Kenji-san and Akari-san. - He says he is a boss and a subordinate at work. - It is said that the relationship between the two began when they went to the hotel with drunken momentum at a company drinking party. - Kenji, who also has a family, is said to be dating so as not to get caught in the surroundings. - An affair couple who is flirting while answering an interview. - Kenji-san showed me a photo of his smartphone with a fearless smile. - A photo of Akari giving a blow job in the company toilet. - Not only that, but also restraint play using handcuffs and collars, and pictures like sex slaves with graffiti on the whole body. - Apparently it's like an affair couple enjoying an abnormal habit. - I was taken to a spot where they often enjoy sex. - There is an emergency staircase in a multi-tenant building. - Kenji who rolls up Akari's skirt. - They didn't wear pants and their play started when they were taking a walk in the park. - If the excitement can't be suppressed anymore, the shooting staff will be absorbed in the play. - Akari who devours Akari's abundant body and masturbates while shabbing the erected Ji ● Po. - Her appearance is too erotic to bear. - Later, when I asked for sex with an actor, he was willing to accept it. - Akari's obedience is terribly erotic.