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○ Theme: A documentary that thrusts Guigui's neck into the nature of an amateur woman whose looks, inside, etc. appear in the streets of the night ○ ① Shin-Okubo, famous as Korean Town, came to look for a super rare amateur! - Search for super rare amateurs and walk around Shin-Okubo at night, which is crowded with many people! - The sporty fashion sister "Lena" I found there is 21 years old! - She's about to go to dance practice, so I thought she might be something interesting, so I went with her! - ② She said she started dancing when she was about 3 years old. - She says she is working hard with the goal of becoming an idol in South Korea. - She seems to be because K-POP idols are completed compared to Japanese idols ... By the way, she has never been to Korea w Certainly slender and long limbs are more K-POP idols than Japanese idols near. - ③ She arrives at the park where she usually practices dancing! - She starts running without warning, runs up the stairs, starts dancing, and is quite free! - The secret of the beautiful body line is due to daily training! - I was fascinated by Lena who was dancing intensively! - The movement of her waist is just amazing! - And erotic! - cute! - I don't know much about dance, but I think it's amazing! - This may really bloom over the sea! - ④ "We have entertainment-related tips, so I think it will help my dreams, so can I do more coverage?" - Lena lives alone in a nice condominium with auto-lock. - The house is full of things to become a K-POP idol! - Training equipment, K-POP idol goods, Korean textbooks, etc. - ⑤ Introduce an actor to introduce a training instructor! - There is no doubt that a muscular man is an actor, and he is left as it is said to be a man. Www Unnecessarily obscene poses, body touches, sexual harassment lessons! - Be naked as you are told! - The dance was amazing, but the cowgirl waist is even more amazing! - It may be a valuable image of an idol who may be active in the world from now on!