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    ○ Theme: A documentary that pokes Guigui's neck into the nature of an amateur woman whose looks, inside, etc. appear in the streets of the night ○ ① This time the stage is "Ginza at night". - Discover men and women who are worried about something in this town where many men who are accustomed to high-quality nightlife gather as a social gathering place for adults. - A woman with white tomesode has a man in black sitting on the ground and trampling her head ... this is not trivial. - (2) Immediately, I talked to her to apply for her coverage, but she was very angry and excited and stopped the camera. - After explaining the situation well, she negotiated the interview again, and she was willing to accept it this time whether she was calm. - Her name is "Akina". - She is a young Chimama from a luxury club in Ginza. - In the extraordinary scene I mentioned earlier, she discovered that the cast of the shop and the boy were in love with each other, and she had no choice but to go as part of her education. - ③ "Yakiniku on such a day" I went to a high-class yakiniku restaurant in Azabu with her. - Her mouth is struck by her carefully selected special Wagyu beef, and her chic companionship and after-sales are the secrets. - Although she is only 25 years old, the status of a high-class club team mom is not Date. - ④ "I like darts, right?" It's a surprising hobby from what I've talked about so far. - He seems to be confident in his arms, so he moves from place to place and plays a game. - She changed from her sandals to shoes, and her throwing muscles are also different. - However, if she opens the lid, the interviewers will win overwhelmingly. - She "like anything" she saw her "age-appropriate girl" in her regretful face when she admitted her defeat in front of her camera. - ⑤ After the game is over, the time is already in the morning. - She seems to be early tomorrow and she will stay at a hotel near the club. - Of course we also accompany you. - Upon arriving in her room, she changes from her white colored tomesode to her yukata and prepares for her bedtime. - She must have been quite tired, as soon as she buried her pillow face, she could hear her sleeping. - Here, the interviewers set up a prank. - Gently open her yukata, rub her soft milk, take off her underwear and crawl her tongue in her secret. - At first she showed her disliked behavior, but gradually became obedient, and she left her body to her partner, was she actually frustrated? - Handle her cock in front of her with her hands and squeeze every corner of her mouth. - She said "Jurujuru ..." slowly and politely. - When she gets stiff, she now straddles her and moves her hips indecently. - She slenderly bends her toughness, shakes her plump breasts, and fulfills her desires. - She's nice as her chee mama, but she's also obscene and beautiful to radiate her accumulated desires. - ⑥ After shooting, I found out that it was pure and straightforward regardless of how it looked. - It was weakly said that "she is a girl suitable for her age during sex".