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Why don't you take a day off from work today and have an extraordinary experience of going to "the place you wanted to go"? - The program will cover all the travel expenses to the place you want to go! - And finally, a project aiming for sex. - Start from Ebisu Station! - "What kind of girl will skip work today? - ?? - ], I found an office lady who looks like a new employee in front of me! - When I interviewed him, he was a salesman of a famous musical instrument maker! - Explain the process of the program at once! - Then, "Then, I'll contact the company for a moment." - 10 minutes to call ... - Succeeded in winning the vacation! - With this, you can skip without worrying about it! - !! - And the party is heading to Yokohama! - She is very excited! - First of all, enjoy beer and dim sum in Chinatown in the daytime while interacting with rare animals in Zoo ● Shea! - and! - As a gift to her who won the staff in this project's annual challenge time, her midnight sky cruising will be presented! - Her tension is at its peak in the night view of Yokohama overlooking from the sky! - !! - The program recording was completed successfully ... and the main subject is from here. - "Recently. Do you have any troubles?" - Then, she confesses her worries, "I really want a boyfriend." - In addition, it seems that there are many one nights with male customers of the type while silently working at the girls bar at the company! - You're doing what you see! - "If you get liquor, leave it to the momentum ... Hehehe!" I see! - If you leave it to the momentum and let it drink, you'll get sick! - So, I'm going to give her a drink and take it back to the hotel ... Check out this continuation in the main story!