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    [Theme] This project is a project to go to an izakaya at the end of the last train, talk to the girl who is still drinking, listen to the girl's worries and human patterns, and finally aim to take it home. - ● Today's drinker ⇒ Kana, drinking friend ⇒ Ayano. - ① Today, I'm looking for a girl at Shinjuku station! - Call out to some girls on the condition that you have all the drinks and get today's girl! - ② Kana-chan & Ayano-chan. - The two are fellow tanning salon clerks. - Currently neither of them has a boyfriend. - I will ask you a lot about romance. - Kana, a black girl, said she broke up with him about two months ago, and had a free period of about five years before her boyfriend was born. - It seems that sex was hard even during the free period, and the number of experienced people is 50 to 100! - The part-time job companion of Umi no Ie who used to work is a genuine spear man who was competing for points by the number of times he had sex in one summer! - It seems that Kana's first experience was with someone she met on a dating site. - It seems that he offered his virginity on the condition that he would buy what he wanted at that time. - Playing in a strange place is in Dokan. - In addition, he enjoys having sex at manga cafes, karaoke, and in the free time of meeting at the station toilet. - By the way, Kana-chan's naughty desire is to step on her with a heel. - ③ When I invited him to the third house, his partner came home! - Effortlessly enter the hotel with the remaining Kana and toast again! - As the liquor progressed and I got drunk, I asked "Please play with your crotch with boots", and Kana-chan trampled over her pants and trousers. - It seems that he is enjoying the reaction of the actor he feels, and the play gradually heats up! - When I asked him for a footjob, he said, "I've just grated my boots! - 』And unwillingly start footjob w Chi ○ When you are presented in front of you, Kana-chan gets excited with a big dick. - It will be included in your mouth and will serve you obscenely! - In return, if you make it comfortable with fingering, you will squirt grandly while leaking a sweet pant voice! - !! - After inserting it, it gets entangled violently while changing the place with the bathroom, windowsill, bed, and finally finishes at the missionary position! - The spear man gal of 100 battles also seemed to be mellow with the intense sex of the actor!