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    [Theme] Why don't you take a day off from work today and have an extraordinary experience of going to "the place you wanted to go"? - The program will cover all the travel expenses to the place you want to go! - And finally, a project aiming for sex. - I'm looking for a target at Shinjuku station today! - When I talked to some people, a very cute and fashionable girl stopped by! - When I explained the purpose of the project and asked the workplace to call me on vacation, it seems that I got an assassin OK! - The girl's name Haruka-chan. - She seems to be working in apparel. - When she asked why she came to Tokyo, she said, "She went to Tokyo because her friendship wasn't good and she was worried about it." - When she asked in detail, she was a so-called runaway tribe who played a car chase with the police at night. - She didn't think she was particularly happy with her activities, but she said she was coasting with such friends. - Also, Ruka-chan at that time was the exact opposite of her current bright personality, and she was a girl who rarely laughed. - After a while, her friends were arrested one after another, which led to her disconnection from her friends and she came to Tokyo. - Arrived at the destination while listening to past stories! - Norika-chan is having fun with autumn leaves and boats! - When I was enjoying fishing, an accident occurred in which AD fell into the lake, so I returned to land. - .. - Haruka-chan is a punishment game at the bottom of the roulette game! - She showed off her ass character with her sexy hips! - After that, go to the ranch and enjoy interacting with the animals! - While doing so, the sun fell completely and the area was pitch black. - .. - .. - Ruka-chan, who was very satisfied with the illumination event, said, "I enjoyed it because I didn't come to this kind of place with her friends." - However, we can't dissolve it yet, so when I made a suggestion to drink with him, he kindly agreed! - Move to the cottage and chat while drinking! - Track down Ruka-chan standing in the bathroom! - Cunnilingus attack from a kiss by dragging out of the toilet without giving her time to wipe her ass! - Ruka-chan seems to be feeling naughty after being licked with sensitive boobs and pussy while saying no good. - When she inserts it into a beautiful pussy, she panting with a cute voice! - In her cowgirl position, she moves her hips violently and immerses herself in pleasure! - It was Ruka-chan who took a break from work, enjoyed traveling, and felt comfortable with sex and was able to do the best!