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Why don't you take a day off from work today and have an extraordinary experience of going to "the place you wanted to go"? - The program will cover all the travel expenses to the place you want to go! - And finally, a project aiming for sex. - This time, I'm looking for a child who can skip in front of Akihabara station! - The time when many women go to work quickly. - The woman who stopped by saying, "Well, I want to get rid of it ..." was flirting, but I couldn't find a child who would skip it. - Aika, a beautiful girl with long hair caught in such a situation, is 20 years old ♪ Occupation is a maid coffee shop clerk ♪ A woman with a calm spoken language and a warm atmosphere. - If you call the company immediately, it's OK ♪ The reason for skipping is poor ♪ The party went to Kamakura ♪ It's convenient because I've never been there ♪ You can visit a shrine with profit and inject power, Have lunch at a fashionable cafe and enjoy a holiday ♪ A party who visited a fantastic illumination spot at sunset ♪ The location is the best ♪ Drink at the hotel where the mood is raised with fantastic illumination Propose ♪ It's OK because you like alcohol ♪ Aika-chan who feels sick with alcohol ♪ Start sex with a French kiss ♪ Gradually entangle your tongue and take off your clothes. - Detecting the erected Ji ○ Ko with her ass and laughing shyly ♪ "I'm hitting ♪" ♪ I made her crotch spread exaggeratedly and blamed Paipanma ○ Ko for cunnilingus ♪ She was embarrassed and panting, but she shook herself and had sex ♪ A large amount of sperm is put on the face and it is in a state of daze ♪ It seems that the sex of the company Sabo was exciting ♪