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    ○ Theme: A documentary that thrusts Guigui's neck into the nature of an amateur woman whose looks & inside & etc are blown away in the streets of the night ○ ① Search for Geki Rare in Shinjuku where the illuminations shine. - When I was wandering around the station, I found an older brother with a squid tattoo! - Do you know an interesting person? - When I heard that he was in the store that my brother was familiar with, he told me that he was in the store, and when I was watching near the store, I found a cute girl who came out of the store! - If you call out to a girl with a beautiful tattoo on her thigh and pay for the slot play, it's OK to shoot, so shooting starts immediately! - ② Her name is Satoko-chan! - She is a strong man who makes a living from her dad's life, and when she says she's going out with her today, she wants to go to a massage and then take a bath! - And you are free to do anything. - ③ After relaxing with a massage, Satoko looks in a good mood when she goes to a hotel with an open-air bath and takes a bath together. - It is a sensitive constitution that makes you panting and twisting your hips just by touching your boobs and oma ○ ④ If you return to the room and continue the bath while flirting on the sofa, you can hold a big ○ n deliciously He showed off his erotic technique by pulling it out by hand. - She was so good at it that she dropped an actor and resumed sex. - If you stimulate chestnuts with her fingers or insert it from behind and push it up, Satoko-chan will shake her bicubic body and panting comfortably. - She changed her position many times and was pierced violently and finished with a vaginal cum shot! - It seemed to be absent-minded because it felt so good.