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A certain You ● uber ramming project, "I tried to verify how much a beautiful woman should pay for a love hotel immediately! In Shibuya" held! - Gachinanpa in Shibuya, a big town where beautiful women from all over Japan gather. - I found Makina Yui (21 years old), a cute female college student with curly hair, in Shibuya at night! - !! - It's not just that such a little girl is alone on such a street corner ...! - Never negotiate her intention that the consecutive defeats that Nampa loses in a row is to find her in this cold sky! - "Until a friend comes", you can enter the love hotel and go immediately! - !! - Let's have Makina Yui, a beautiful girl who caught her, warm her body in the winter sky! - !! - I'm not afraid of female college students these days, and they'll answer the crazy and crazy questions. - Even though she is such a quiet girl, it was nice to have sex with her boyfriend with a drink, so I went to a saffle relationship from another refill. - What's the story behind this mountain? - What's disappointing is that my crotch was a little fluffy with this story! - But, somehow, Makina-chan has a lot of pheromones in the same room ... let alone a love hotel, it makes her feel like something to expect. - This is the rumored natural bitch. - If you know the identity of the beautiful girl, she will tell you immediately from the vicinity of her erotic switch (her nipple)! - If you take off your cute shirt, you'll find a splendid valley that doesn't look good on a petite body ... "Now, maybe it's getting bigger ..." This is still growing fun milk! - !! - Well, when I looked at the erotic switch while playing with the valley, this was a cute beautiful nipple that suits a beautiful girl and greeted me with a slap. - Return here with a Western-style greeting kiss. - Makina-chan, who is a natural-boke's bitch, is still exposed to her beautiful breasts without fixing her bra, even though she says, "No! I'll go home if this happens!" - If you check the pants, you'll be surprised, saying, "I don't have much hair ... - It was Nachu Paipan! - This is inevitable to lick it! - !! - "Cunnilingus sukii ~ ♪" and the fun atmosphere of each other is a signal that it is OK to insert! - When I pierced the shaved nice ass with the back that I loved, I got a happy call saying "Dashi !! A lot!" And gave a lot of hot responses to my stomach! - Makina was very satisfied when she saw her navel in Taptapu with sperm and said, "Navel ... it's gone!" - thank you! - !!