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A certain You ● uber ramming project, "I tried to verify how much a beautiful woman should pay for a love hotel immediately! In Shibuya" held! - Gachinanpa in Shibuya, a big town where beautiful women from all over Japan gather. - Honestly, it's hard to pick up people, "It looks like this guy is cool ..." Picking up a half-model beauty Nana-chan (20 years old) with a preparedness to break the jade. - "Well, it's super suspicious ...", if you explain the prize money ... "I'll do my best for my boyfriend !!", I succeeded in entering the love hotel ... It cost me 50,000 yen, but ...! - !! - It's time to recover, I'm going to literally make this Bon Kyu Bon half-model beauty Nao naked! - The interview started with a spirit. - The true identity of her boyfriend, who needs to remind her not to get caught by her boyfriend, is that she is still an active teacher in her junior high school days. - Isn't the local school board Barre scarier than the boyfriend Barre ...? - However, Nana-chan, who enjoys such a forbidden love, talks about her boyfriend (her former homeroom teacher) happily with her plump breasts. - I can only see the big tits and check the size. - "Is it F ... G?", A bomb remark, I envy the teacher who is rubbing this nice bust! - !! - Even though it was a break between lectures, I drank alcohol and checked my underwear while lusting for the glossy face of Nao-chan who was burning red! - I could barely endure the temptation of the estimated G cup chest, but if I take off her skirt, it's a T-back! - !! - My reason was over the limit, and I thought it was bad for my former teacher, but I switched on completely. - Then, as I negotiated more and more, Nanami-chan got sick with a good feeling! - !! - This is actually a girlfriend with great sensitivity if you rub the chance and the G cup. - I don't know if it's a GO sign or a refusal, saying, "It feels good!", So I'll pay 70,000 and attack! - !! - "It's just a little ...", the guards and pants gradually went down, and before I knew it, I was naked in the bath and Nao-chan! - !! - Excitement is already max! - There is nothing to block, so if you try to get in the way inside her ..., even though you say "I have a boyfriend!" - Pant! - With such a super beautiful girl, she gets excited about her G-cup stranger and shoots a big face with premature ejaculation! - !! - I was very satisfied with "Sperm is delicious ...!", And Nao-chan went to the afternoon lecture at the university without taking a shower.