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    A room in a love hotel in Tokyo, men and women of various relationships, their common denominator is to "record SEX". - Get the video and edit it in about an hour. - I took a peek at the "2-hour break documentary" to see what kind of drama happened at the love hotel. - Aimi, a young lady living alone in a popular spot in the suburbs of Tokyo, lives in a luxury condominium with a rent of 200,000 or more. - Her parents' house seems to be from Yokohama, so I think it's possible to go to school in Tokyo, but the rich are different. - Such a boyfriend makes her feel a gap in economic sense with her common people, her, but it makes her daughter Mako feel like a toy and is developing, if her parents know it, it will be a big uproar It looks like it will be ... - Aimi-chan, the person in question, feels her beautiful face distorted into her vulgarity. - She sticks out the nice ass of Pitch Pichi to a man and asks H, "More ...! Maybe I like this ...!". - Her crotch becomes stiff when she sees her in her usual life as a young lady. - The appearance of holding Ji-ko deliciously should be a vulgar act, but is it a natural thing to feel some elegance? - However, the appearance of feeling the hardened thing in her mouth by raw insertion remains instinct ... It is wonderful.