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Country: Japan
Actos: Haruna

A room in a love hotel in Tokyo, men and women of various relationships, their common denominator is to "record SEX". - Get the video and edit it in about an hour. - I took a peek at the "2-hour break documentary" to see what kind of drama happened at the love hotel. - "I can't really believe him !!", shaking the soft-looking big breasts, and a slapstick beauty pastry chef (G cup !!) enters the room. - She has a local boyfriend who is taking the place of her boyfriend ... - She puts in a delicious cake and takes out Santa's costume for sale on the street. - It would be normal if an ordinary girl wears it ... Anyway, she is the owner of a large volume G cup and she is a beautiful girl, so the cleavage is fully open and the erotic Santa is completed. - What's more, her underwear is a T-back, and if she wears this and meets her boyfriend ... what the hell is going on ...? - Yes, there is only Kos H. - It seems that the boyfriend who is there also immediately noticed, and the body touch to her increases. - What's more, she doesn't seem to be sloppy, and she puts fresh cream on the white valley and licks it. - There is no doubt that soft things are like rubbing. The sensitivity to get wet just by rubbing the No. 1 soft big breasts in the breast category is also an additional point. - It seems that the sensitivity of the shaved beauty man who is a hand man and the immediate tide is also perfect. - A Christmas present video leaked from NTR Kos H, who was slammed by her boyfriend.