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Investigate the girl in the [AV actor's phone book] that any man is interested in in search of an amateur girl who has not seen it yet! - !! - Of course, ugly is strictly prohibited! - !! - Only for beautiful girls! - !! - Deeply cover the propensity of a girl who is acquainted with an AV actor! - !! - "Why is there a camera?" Kansai dialect gal who is so suspicious of our interview team! - !! - Check the slender and slender beauty body even with clothes! - !! - I definitely want to take a closer look at this naked! - !! - Even though it is a crunchy active gal, if it is the previous information, it seems to be "quite Yamato nadeshiko", so I will also verify Soko! - !! - For the time being, if you take it to a flashy tapioca shop and take the gal's mood in a straightforward manner ..., you succeeded in accompanying the love hotel with "just the meal scene ♪"! - !! - Break through the first barrier! - !! - If you take a look at the gal's homemade bento, it's colorful! - amount! - nutrition! - It's perfect no matter where you look! - !! - An AV actor starts to run away with a meaningful remark "Protein ♥ Take a lot ♥"! - !! - I say "meal scene chauyan ♥", but in a sense it's a meal, so it's safe! - ?? - Start shooting gal-fitting images as it is! - !! - Beautiful legs danced and trained in a club are too provocative! - !! - The sensitivity of squirting with a hasty fingering is also the highest! - !! - The sloppy and dripping throat attacking blow job is also good ... ♥ The visual side as well as the technical side is high! - !! - If you don't see the SEX of such an endangered Yamato nadeshiko Kansai gal, you can't wait! - !!