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A room in a love hotel in Tokyo, men and women of various relationships, their common denominator is to "record SEX". - Get the video and edit it in about an hour. - I took a peek at the "2-hour break documentary" to see what kind of drama happened at the love hotel. - Do you know [Mutual Ona Show Off Party]? - It seems that it is a quiet boom in the streets ... - Shino-san, who got on such a trend, is 18 years old JD who just entered university this year and came to Tokyo. - She majors in Japanese literature at the Faculty of Letters, and recently she seems to be curious about the world view of erotic novels. - The days when she chats with a stranger at night as an extension of her academic curiosity. - She was told by a man who was excited at Cha H today, "Let's actually show off masturbation ♪", and today she went to a love hotel to open the door to a new world of sensuality. - Her favorite items are lined up on the table as soon as she enters the room. - "I like this the most ♥" and start comforting chestnuts through pants with my favorite toys. - And, immediately, the self-climax is once ... - Inspired by that Iki-sama, when a man reaches out to her wet pants ..., he says, "It's different from the story ... it's bad for my boyfriend ...", but it makes the stains on the pants even bigger. - The [Mutual Ona Show Off Party] was accelerating, and in the end, she stretched out her tongue and kissed her. - She took off the man's pants and chewed deliciously, and said, "I want you to insert a little ...", seeing a man's thing that is one size larger than his boyfriend and begging for her first-time insertion.