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An unpopular classroom after the students return. - The one who works overtime alone is Ayaka, a charismatic Japanese history instructor. - A bullish type who gets angry immediately when the Kimo cleaners get entangled with "I'm getting married soon, right?" "Pakopako at night?" "All you can do vaginal cum shot (laughs)". - We will guide you through the curriculum up to pregnancy! - Amazing erotic lingerie! - F milk shines! - Did you intend to be a fiance after this? - A scared teacher runs out of oxygen with a plastic bag! - Immediately with fingering. - Electric blame from! - what? - What is it secretly? - A great amount of tide! - "Kyo, even though it's a classroom ..., eh, eh, what should I do ... (panic in the brain)" I thought it was a bullish type, but I saw it as a pretty masochist. - Take it to the waiting room of the cleaning staff and fix it to the trolley. - How many pencils will fit in the pussy? - I got all 10 (laughs). - For a teacher with an annual income of over 1.500 that I felt with a pencil ●● Irama. - There are quite a lot of variations in the movement of the mouth, and the tension explodes! - "Please, stop! Because it's the day of ovulation ..." The sensitive ovulation pussy is vaginal bokko with decachin! - While saying "Please! Pull it out! There is a fiance!", I felt it and stakeout piston! - Pursuit that continues until implantation! - A big tits teacher who falls alive. - Shrimp warp acme tide! - Don't miss it! - teacher! - Pregnancy is confirmed with a dirty meat stick and rich juice! - If you get pregnant, raise it properly!