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What if it was for Les ● Has ● Ru-kun! - I like Ru-kun's mouth. - I like the mouth that gently kisses me, entangles my tongue and makes me drink a brim, licks my boobs and sucks my nipples, and licks the important parts of Les ●. - I like Ru-kun's fingers. - I like fingers that gently massage my boobs, pinch my nipples a little, squeeze the important parts of my nipples, make me pee a lot, and touch a lot of nice parts. .. - I like Ru-kun's dick. - When you lick the tip with a bottle, it makes you scream, and when you lick an exeggcute, it makes a voice, and when you put it all the way into your throat, it feels like twisting your body, and when you pinch it with your boobs, it gets bigger. I like that kind of penis. - I like to insert Ru-kun's dick more. - It was inserted in the important part of Les ● and moved a lot, Les ● got acme again and again, I felt like I was peeing, I peeed a lot, and at the end I got warm sperm I like that kind of peeing that puts out a lot in your mouth. - Let's do it again. - From 1, no, from Ze ●! - This is the main story!