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"From Yal, ● Tsuyo ~!" Megumi, who fascinates men, is a flexible and movable skill that can respond to various positions. - The abundant OPPAI has excellent functionality when touched, rubbed, flipped, and licked, and the fucking with the golden combo of pinching + rubbing is an attack power that instantly explodes. - The number of liveliness is unlimited. - You can go as many times as you like without reloading. - Even if it reaches the climax, it does not become a death, and it returns immediately by a continuous battle with naked body and a skin change. - "Take it!" Ult is activated! - OPPAI, which sways up, down, left and right, is the highest class destructive power that wipes out the sexual desire of all who see it! - Deva fights to manipulate the most horny huge breasts OPPAI, to serve a man, and to serve a man's spirit. - It is clothes SEX & main story appearance.