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    ●Pink panties stain: ★★★★☆ Smell: ★★★☆☆ Stain: ★★★★☆ Usability: ★★☆☆☆ Notes: Part-length spats and camisole. Thank you for viewing. - This is Kurocchi. - This time I had a P activity with a girl from the dance club, so I would like to share with you what happened at that time. - We were meeting at Shinjuku station, but since we had been communicating via email, it was difficult to know where he was. - A petite girl who seemed to be good at studying and serious about her studies suddenly came into the uncle's field of vision as she sat alone looking at her smartphone. - I wondered if a girl like this was active in P, and she called out to him, feeling anxious inside, but it turned out to be the right answer. - It was the girl I was meeting with lol Well, I managed to meet up with her safely, so I was relieved. She said she wanted to go shopping, so we took the train and went to Shin-Okubo for a shopping date. ! - ! - We went shopping together, took a walk around town, and just had fun.The atmosphere was starting to feel good, so we headed straight to the hotel. - Without even taking a shower, I will immediately move on to the underwear appraisal. - Peek into the skirt and check the color first. - I thought she was wearing black pants, but she was actually wearing spats. - My expectations for the unexpected appearance of the spats are skyrocketing. I decided to put aside the fun for now and show you the bra. - Under the uniform, she wore a gray camisole. - This girl is wearing a lot of different things under her uniform, which is sure to keep the old man entertained! - ! - A pink bra was visible under the cami. - Although they are still a little small, they are firm and growing breasts. - I was able to check her breasts, and now I can meet her long-awaited panties. - Take off your spats and reveal your long-awaited pink panties. - There are already stains on the crotch area, and it's a mess. - The scent of sweat and love juice mixed with my panties and filled my skirt. - I can smell the unpleasant scent of a female. If she's this wet, I don't think she needs much preparation. She swallows my uncle's dick easily, and makes my pussy cum, and she won't let go at all. I'm glad that she was moaning so well, but the tightness was too tight and I couldn't help but cum inside her lol I still didn't have enough fun with her, so I asked her to give me a hand job at the end! - !