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    Hana-chan, 21 years old, is a JD who is a tough gal no matter how you look at it! - ! - The length of these limbs is truly incredible! - ! - Apparently, she is 180cm tall! - ! - I've seen many tall girls, but this is the first time I've seen one this tall! - ! - Moreover, when you meet a gal, you can be sure that you will never have a similar encounter again! - ! - If she were of average height, this dress wouldn't have turned into such a miniskirt, but it turned out to be such a miniskirt that you could almost see her panties! - ! - Even though the weather is nice, isn't your chest area too empty? - ? - ? - I can't help but feel like she's a gal who cheerfully says, "This is still not enough!" - ! - It was still daylight, but we had a toast! - ! - I drank a lot and started to feel good, so I moved to the hotel! - ! - A sudden kiss as soon as we arrived ♪ Since Hana-chan is taller, we kiss her facing upwards! - ! - Hana-chan seems to have fewer people who are taller than her! - ! - Actually, before we met here today, he had been practicing at a martial arts gym! - ! - So I asked her to change into the training clothes she had been wearing earlier! - ! - I also put on gloves and threw a punch! - ! - The punches delivered from his tall stature and long limbs were extremely destructive! - ! - Now, it's time to move on from punch practice to the ground game that everyone has been waiting for! - ! - When you spread her long legs, you can see her erotic looking gal pussy! - ! - I get wet just by touching it! - ! - Hana-chan also starts a counterattack! - ! - She's a flirtatious gal with lots of experience and is really good at licking! - ! - You don't need to practice ground techniques for this...lol I thought about it again after she took off her clothes, but she's still toned and very sexy because she's been training! - ! - I can't stand it anymore! - ! - So I had sex! - ! - It was my first time to experience such a powerful M-shaped cowgirl position! - ! - Everything is dynamic and feels great! - ! - From here on, it gets even more heated and I start thrusting hard! - ! - Grasp her long legs firmly and hold her as she is and finish with creampie! - ! - The sperm that couldn't fit into her pussy overflowed...lol Even if you don't think about her height, she's a super attractive and very erotic gal! - ! - I highly recommend this time too! - !