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    #Greedy Married Mom I have a strong desire to be active, so in order to enrich my student life, I started being a mom on SNS. - Mami, a married woman whom I have met several times today. - She still has beautiful skin and is a charming and cute woman. - I treated him to lunch and accompanied him to a hotel for the first time. - ``I have a request for you today, I want you to take a picture with this camera...'' He handed me a handy camera and pointed it at Mami. - It's cute how she gets shy when she gets excited. - ``I usually just eat, so I thought I'd like to take it easy today.'' As we sat next to each other on the chairs, Mami touched my hand. - ``I feel so excited...'' Mami takes her hand and places it on her breasts, feeling the soft touch of her palm. - ``Do you know how excited I am?'' ``Ah, isn't this bad?'' My hands move as if massaging her breasts and guide them into my bra. - ``It's okay, this isn't an affair.'' Mami's hand reaches between her legs and rubs his dick through her pants. - "Hey, just a little." I intertwined my bare legs extending from the slit of the tight skirt and squeezed my cock tightly. - ``What kind of pants are you wearing?'' He quickly took off his pants and rubbed his penis in his firm pants, causing it to become erect. - ``I'm getting hot.'' She takes off her clothes, kneels between my legs, and reaches for my dick. - "I think I should bite your pants." While biting his pants, he puts his hand inside and rubs his erect dick. - ``I want to see it.'' In the blink of an eye, he takes off his pants and gives him a hand job, squeezing his cock. - "Can I just lick the tip?" He licked the tip of her dick, stimulating her mouth with his tongue and jerking off her neck. - ``I want you to feel it more.'' The temptation of a married woman keeps escalating. - I am controlled as I am. - A pleasant married woman is laid down on the bed and gives a pleasant blowjob while holding his dick and sucking it. - ``You're going to lick it a lot.'' After sucking my dick, Mami straddles me and gives me a hand job while licking her nipples. - My dick is throbbing with the double attack. - Mami takes off her panties and spreads her thighs wide. - "Come closer." A naughty married woman invites me by rubbing her pussy with her hand. - Insert your finger into her slimy pussy and torture her with her finger pussy. - ``Move it more...Ah, it feels so good.'' When you move your fingers violently, her pussy makes a squishy sound and even pees. - ``Hey, would you like to insert just a little bit?'' ``Isn't that considered adultery?'' ``If you put a rubber on it, it'll be fine.'' Mami puts a rubber on the erect penis. - ``Please insert only half of it.'' When I can insert only half of your dick in missionary position, she moves her hips and inserts it all the way to the base. - "Ah, move so nice..." While kissing her, she violently shakes her hips against her slippery pussy, and thrusts into her face-to-face sitting position. - “Aaaaaah, it feels so good, I think I’m going to cum.” The lewd married woman jerks her hips and cums. - ``Hey, lie down.'' Mami takes off the rubber band while trying to insert my dick in cowgirl position. - ``Oh, that's no good.'' ``Why? It feels better this way.'' He penetrates me raw, and I do as I please. - The pussy moves the pubic bone and squeezes the dick. - While kissing her, he attacks her even further to the base. - ``Ah, that's good, you want more, don't you?'' She gets on all fours and sticks out her erotic ass. - I inserted my dick into her pussy, held her lower abdomen, and started shaking my hips. - "Aaaaaah, no, I'm cumming." During missionary position sex, he shakes his hips as much as he wants, and his balls at the critical point are on the verge of exploding. - ``Aaaaan, keep it like this, insert it more!'' My legs were locked so that my dick wouldn't come out, and I ejaculated raw. - "Ah, it's warm...I'll make you clean." Mami-san grips the sensitive dick that just cums and starts sucking on the tip of her rod. - Her tickling pleasure attacks his dick and makes him cum again. - "It's okay, even if I cum..." He licked my balls and gave me a violent hand job and fellatio, and I thrust my hips up and cum. - "Did it feel good? Let's do it again." Being a mom is the best because you can make her feel so good and get paid!