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Prestige exclusive actress "Maria Aine" is tempted by an erotic dialect! - I'm very excited about the dialect that is cute and exciting! - If her childhood friend Maria was a Hakata dialect ... - We will meet again in Fukuoka, our hometown after a long absence! - After drinking at a food stall, I came to my house and got into an adult relationship! - Maria, who I've always liked, is approaching with drunken momentum! - She stares at me and blames me with a blowjob full of saliva, and on the contrary, when I play around with Paipanma Co ○, I have convulsions! - When I insert it into Mako as she is guided, she straddles me and shakes her hips at the woman on top posture, and finally shoots on Maria's face! - Please enjoy the 3 situations 3 languages ​​SEX of Hakata dialect, Kansai dialect, Hiroshima dialect that Maria Aine tempts in the whole dialect ♪