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Inviting people who took care of us in 2018, we are closely attached to the backstage of the year-end party held at the rental villa with an open-air bath! - A close-up camera takes a close-up shot of the shameful acts of married women and the appearance of men and women who do things that no one is looking at! - ?? - Takeshi Karaki and a young female employee, Yamada, who trick all the participants into taking secret pictures, have released all the shocking sights they saw! - !! - "Various things are happening ... I'm doing my best too! Please take a look!" Director Karaki, who is in charge of close-up cameras, and female employee Yamada witnessed ... Abnormal that various men and women expose their desires. It was a space! - ?? - The two who were dragged by the runaway participants also forgot their secret lives ... and turned into horny beasts! - ?? - Rich and dense 180-minute work! - !!