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    Play details: Meeting, PP talk, panty shots, nipple torture, kissing, clitoris groping, cunnilingus, standing fingering, rotor masturbation, blowjob, missionary position, doggy style, missionary position again, cowgirl position, missionary position for final blow synopsis :This time, here is the SPEC of Kinsaku-chan who needs assistance ♪↓↓ Name: Makoto Age: 34 Occupation: Married woman. - Part-time work. - Married: 3 years Club activities: Former Kendo club during student days: Chiba Personality: Shy Body type: Slender Underwear: T-back First experience: Junior year 2 Erogenous zones: Nipples Pussy hair: Shaved Marital relationship: Good. - I like having sex with my husband♪ History of affair: None. - This is my first affair. - Number of cups: C Reason for lack of money: My husband was laid off due to the coronavirus pandemic. - I want money quickly. - Special note: They seemed nervous at first, but they gradually started to enjoy it. - I thought she was the cool beauty type, but she was a cute wife who always laughed.