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A married woman's heart and body swaying in hot water and in love. - Take a trip to the hot springs together. - A married woman who is dissatisfied with the obligatory couple's SEX with no sex appeal goes on a trip. - A married woman who wants a romantic development seems to be in the mood for a date. - Drink wine in the open-air bath, leave it to the mood and leave the body to a man. - The voice that I had put up with in the bath couldn't stand it on the futon, and I kept panting and called good feelings. - When stabbed by a cock, she screams in agony and repeats the climax with a different feeling every time her posture changes. - Ascension of white eyes in SEX at night after de M confession. - The next morning, she stands in the open-air bath and inserts her back, blushing her cheeks and making a pant voice echo in the morning sky.