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Takeshi Karaki stands up to fulfill the request of the client who wants to have sexual intercourse with a close relative ... Voyeur the whole incest plan! - After the divorce, the son who lives together receives a consultation from his mother who is confused about mischiefing himself while he is sleeping ... A strategy to show his son that his mother has a lover has started. - The director who plays the role of a lover escalate after letting his son peek at the appearance of flirting. - Her lustful mother wants to lick her female genitals and ascends with her ordered masturbation. - After wearing her eye mask, her feelings are good and she climaxes without noticing that her son was replaced at the time of insertion. - The other party gets acquainted with his son, but when he confirms each other's affection, he joins again. - Later, both the director and SEX reach while being photographed by his son.