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    "My husband is too premature ejaculation and I'm not completely satisfied ... I want to have hot sex that melts into muddy with plenty of foreplay and intense pistons." Nao Takizawa, 40 years old. - She is in her 12th year of marriage, but she is a mother of one child, but her current profession is an interpreter, and her main job is to be a business interpreter who attends meetings of dispatched companies. - She said, "She wasn't particularly diligent because she was devoted to swimming when she was a student." - She certainly has slender legs and a moderately firm whip whip body. - She has such a sexual life, but although she has a good relationship with her husband, she says she has never had sex since the beginning of this year. - She was dissatisfied with her husband's premature ejaculation, but she abandoned her act itself, and she was determined to appear this time. - Take a look at Nao-san's astonishing carnal explosive sexual intercourse, which says she wants to feel good until her whole body melts!