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"Usually, when you hear incest, you might think it's awesome! But you can imagine that you don't have a boy (laughs)" Keiko Itagaki, 54 years old, a housewife who has been married for 25 years. - Keiko is blessed with her eldest daughter, second daughter and two girls, but her longing for a boy has always been strong. - She said, "My daughter is cute, of course, but I'm wondering what would happen if I had a son, or something I didn't have." She seems to have fallen in love with her incest AV that she saw online at that time. - "Some of them are terrible, as if you were wondering where your son is !? (Laughs) If the difference in age is solid and you're even more handsome ..." For Keiko-san, who has accumulated once or not, this time we will also introduce a young Shota actor "Kotaro", and you will fully enjoy the extraordinary world of immorality.