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    Married at work with my wife. - After her marriage, she has been at home as a housewife. - She just had a broken part in her house the other day, so she decided to take the plunge and renovate. - I'm busy with work, so I decided to leave the remodeling to her wife. - And the construction started. - The remodeler was a somewhat unpleasant father, but she said her wife couldn't judge by her appearance. - And a few days later, the incident happened when she returned home early. - When I entered the house, my wife and my remodeling father had sex. - Moreover, my wife feels happy. - I have never seen such a face of her wife. - I couldn't do anything and just got an erection. - And once I left home, I went home again so that it would make a loud noise. - Then my remodeling father went home as if nothing had happened, and my wife welcomed me with a smile as if nothing had happened. - That night, I couldn't stand it and asked about the daytime ...