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Now, the seasonal AV actress "Rei Takatsuki" is reserved for one day. - Rei Takatsuki who is active in the AV world with a 170 cm, 8 life god style and a glamorous body of G cup as a weapon. - Such a girlfriend rushes from the inside story of her industry to her own secret talk. - Her spectacular past, which she thought she was living a smooth sailing life, is revealed ... - Sex begins in order to overcome her past trauma and unravel her'natural appearance', which demonstrates her natural talent in the world of her AV. - Taste the elasticity of her lips, reach out to her secret part, caress her and twist her into her pleasure. - She pierces her pubic area filled with her love juice with her cock and carves her pleasure with a rough and relentless piston. - While biting her raw heat transmitted from her cheeks, she culminates many times ... - The AV actress "Rei Takatsuki" who has the best body and instinct go to each other and greedily, just spree raw!