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Now, the seasonal AV actress "Wakamiya Toki" is reserved for one day. - Wakamiya, a seasonal actress who is gaining popularity with her lustrous G-cup perfect beauty BODY as a weapon. - Such a girlfriend can wash her behind-the-scenes stories and private secret talks. - After stripping her mind, sex begins to bring out her further charm. - Caress her whole body slowly and carefully, making full use of her chubby, thick and obnoxious tongue and lips. - She gradually crawls her tongue toward her lower body, eventually reaching Ji-ko, and licks it while making a violent noise. - She reacts sensitively when her clothes are stripped off and her G-cup is rubbed. - She is eaten by a violent piston by Bichobicho's Ma Ko, and a pant voice close to screaming echoes throughout the room. - Hot and rich sperm is released in her vagina, which is supposed to be immersed in pleasure while feeling the heat of her raw cheeks. - The AV actress "Wakamiya Nozomi" who has the best body and instinct go to each other and greedily, just spree raw!