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    Chinatsu-chan, a girl who is piyopiyopipi. - She is 139 cm tall, but her growing Chinatsu-chan has passed the second growth period and wants to grow a little. - She always smiles innocently and spoils me, but she kneads Dada saying, "It's just pink clothes!", So it's hard for me! - No, I'll decide the clothes for Chinatsu-chan! - Hi, today I'm wearing my favorite pink top and fluffy skirt! - Well, I don't like this kind of childishness anymore! - ?? - Well, Chinatsu-chan will be my wife in the future, so if she doesn't flirt forever, she'll get angry w. I can't help but choose underwear that looks like an adult. - Anyway, I'll take it off right away w My butt is getting bigger, but her breasts are pechanko. - My brother is giving me a massage every day. - "Because Oni-chan's massage is too intense ♪", Moe Moe Kyun to Tsunatsu-chan who makes her face red and shy. - Hey, I bought a cat costume for Chinatsu-chan today, so let's wear this and have a lot of fun with Ni-chan ♪- ★ Special feature: