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Country: Japan
Actos: Yuki Takeuchi

The lead role of this work is Yuki Takeuchi! - !! - She is a sporty beauty with bright short hair and a refreshing smile! - !! - Beautiful limbs trained by boxer size that has been continued for many years shines! - !! - It's her first image work challenge, but it's not what she normally plays, but as it is ... she also showed her original adult-like expression. - When asked about the degree of sex in an interview, "Hentai rather than sex! - !! - ], A dynamic Yuki-chan! - !! - Even though it has a cool atmosphere, once the switch is turned on, it suddenly becomes erotic! - !! - Take a look at the cheerful and rich eros of a beautiful woman who boasts a refreshing and beautiful physical beauty! - !!- ★ Special feature: