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The lead role of this work is Shiina Hirai! - !! - She is 168 cm tall and is a white-skinned slender shortcut beauty! - !! - She has clear, beautiful and fresh skin that does not make you feel the age of 34 years old. - Mr. Shiori, who is also her married woman, today's shooting is ● The boldness of leaving the house pretending to be a school reunion! - !! - It seems that the private frustration that the husband does not deal with the other party will also be a force to hit the shooting. - When I heard the impression after shooting, the most enthusiastic part was the bed scene, and I was so excited because I couldn't usually do it, so I can't miss this! - !! - The sweet and dangerous hidden honey that a beautiful white-skinned married woman shows, you will not be able to turn back if you taste it ...- ★ Special feature: