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The lead role of this work is Rio Kuriyama! - !! - A slender beautiful girl with an E-cup bust in a small body of 148 cm! - !! - Rio-chan is a healing type with a soft smile as a charm point. - She has a cute and melty way of talking, and she has a slightly animated voice, which is also attractive. - She was excited about the JK cosplay uniform for the first time in shooting and got tension MAX! - !! - "In the scene of licking a cute candy, you can see a lot of faces that the candy is so delicious that you are really tasting it," he said with a smile. - According to the staff, there is also a cute episode that I was licking after shooting! - !! - Azato Kawaii is a compliment, let's enjoy the various facial expressions and costumes of the petite beautiful girl! - !!- ★ Special feature: