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Yuna-chan, an energetic college student, applied for us today! - College life is fun! - ♪ It seems that he is currently working part-time at a restaurant other than the university, and he seems to be enjoying his university life to the fullest ☆ But male-related people are not very fulfilling. Or ... - Everything was shaken by him who had been dating for about two years a while ago, and now he has no boyfriend. - He seems to be living a little lonely days ... - That's why we are currently looking for a boyfriend! - If it's such a cute JD, I'd like to run for super! - !! - !! - It seems that the motivation for applying for AV shooting this time is that he has been interested in AV for a long time. - I had sex for the first time when I was 17 years old. - It seems that it was the first experience with him of the same age. - It seems that he was dating about 3 people from there, but he who has been dating for 2 years seems to have been the best match ♪ Yuna is 164 cm tall and tall! - It has long legs and looks like a model! - When you bring your face close to Yuna's cute face, she will stare at you with her curly eyes! - !! - !! - The innocent reaction of overlapping lips and entwining the tongue is so cute! - !! - !! - Please enjoy such innocent Yuna-chan's sex in the main story! - !! - !!